Celebrate Mother's Day

Mother's Day is Celebrated on the Second Sunday of May in India and many Countries. According to me Mother's Day is the day that must be celebrated on all days. This is the day that must be celebrated more than Diwali in India. I wish at least on this day Mother's ask their Children what they want apart from their Children's success and their Husband's and Children's good health.

I don't want to disclose my age but I have crossed 40. Four months back I met with a freak accident while I was running and had a nasty fracture to my left elbow. I underwent major surgery in Chennai and during the recovery my Mom made me grow younger by 40 years. I was getting the same attention that my Niece gets at home. She used to wake up at around 5am and go to bed at around 10pm. She had absolutely no rest and she was by me always taking care of me. I could see the love she has for me even today. I have seen the same love from her to others in family. When I met with the accident I thought it was my bad time, but during the recovery I actually felt good about the accident and surgery. I was able to spend lot of time with my Mom talking and watching television.

What is so special about my Mother and all Mothers are they never think about themselves. I see it in my Mother in Law, Sister in Law, my friends, my classmates and my colleagues. Even if she is unwell, she will have a paracetamol and then she will be in kitchen cooking for us or doing some work. The only relaxation my Mom and most of them have is watching some religious Television channel and going to nearby Temples. What I have never understood is how do they have the energy to work all 365 days in a year. She is around 70 and even today she learns from her friends what new to cook. Even when she watches television or goes to temple her prayers will be for her Children, Grandchildren and my Father. My Mother in Law is 80+ and she still takes care of her children as if they are 15 or 18. I can see the attention my Niece gets from her Mother and most importantly the Life Values which my Sister in Law teaches her. I strongly believe if we do what our Mother tells, we will be the Most Successful. 

I always start my day by calling her and also end my day by doing the same. Even when I travel overseas I don't miss doing this. If there is one person who thinks about me all through the day its my Mom. Let me at least call her and say Hello. I feel so good starting the day with speaking to her for few minutes. Few years back I took an important personal decision in my life. Today, my Mom is very happy that am well settled and am also equally happier that i settled well and most importantly i took the decision at the right time. I strongly believe we must take decisions that will make them smile and that will make them healthier. Today I strongly feel that there must not be even a minute that she worries about me. When I read or hear about children leaving their Parents in old age home or Children not talking with their Parents, I have only 3 words to tell these children - You will Learn.

There is no match to Mother's Love and this is the most important common feature whether in humans or animals. We must Celebrate Mother's Day Today, Tomorrow, Day after Tomorrow and Every Day and we must Celebrate it Big. Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Yes, there is no match to Mother's love. Your article is a tribute to all honorable and affectionate mothers...


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