Bye Bye Apple

I always thought Apple products are meant for privileged few until I started using the same. The first Apple product I bought was an Ipod around ten years back. I remember going home, copying all my favorite tracks and the first number I listened to was "Money for Nothing". This Ipod was my companion wherever I went and listening to my favorite tracks was the best thing those days. Today, the same Ipod is lying in one shelf, not charged and not used. Thanks to the various Music Apps, these Gadgets have gone to Shelves. I have already covered about how YouTube Music is slowly making us delete songs even from our Itunes. Here is the Blog I wrote on YouTube Music:

Around six years back, I bought an Ipad 2. This was my companion wherever I traveled. I have maintained this Ipad so well that even today it will look like a new one. Nowadays, I hardly use this Ipad because it is dead slow. I have done the following in this Ipad - delete apps that are not used, stopped background app refresh, cleared safari cache and also turned off location service. There is around 70% of free space available but still the Ipad works very slow. It is very unfair that Apple does not want to provide software update for some of their old products. I have never understood why this Ipad worked slower every time after a software update. I don't see any other reason apart from having their customers buy their new versions of Ipad. Is it not fair to make a well maintained Ipad obsolete in a short span of time. Well, I paid around Rs.35k for this Ipad 6 years back and today I cant use it, Thank you Apple. I have decided to sell this at a throw away price.

As the Ipad started working more slower, I have started disliking Apple. I currently use an Iphone 7. I used to love Iphone so much that I talk praise of its features more than their sales people. I have tried using an Android Phone 2 times, but within a month I moved back to Iphone. Am now back to blogging and I don't find some of the Apps like Blogger, Blog Compass available on Iphone. I don't know whether Google removed these Apps from IOS or Apple does not let these Apps on IOS, as a Customer I don't have these important Apps on my Iphone. Some of the other features that we don't see in Iphone or that makes it tough to users are:

1. Non availability of Expanding the Storage using Memory Card.
2. Mirroring the Phone to TV. This can be done only using Apple TV.
3. Files can be transferred only by using Itunes.
4. Apple Map is still not available in India.

Now, am totally convinced post the dissatisfaction in Ipad and non availability of features/ Apps in Iphone, it is time to say Bye Bye to Apple and move to an Android Phone where I will get these features and Apps. Most Importantly, I pay only 30% to 40% of the price I pay for an Iphone.

I have done a good review of most of the phones and the one that Iam planning to buy is Redmi Note 7 Pro. According to the reviews, this is a decent phone with good battery, 48 megapixel f/1.79 rear camera and 13 megapixel front camera, it runs on Android Pie, it has some additional features like face recognition, I can set permission to Apps like what we have in Iphone and most importantly I will have access to all the Blogging Apps. Most Probably next week same time I will write a Blog with this new phone.

My Ipod is in shelf and I listen to my favorite tracks using YouTube Music, the Slow Ipad will be sold and finally I will say Bye Bye to Iphone and settle with Android Phone. End of the day, I Pay Less. 


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