Roger Federer, The Pefect Gentleman

I started watching Tennis around 4 decades back. I remember watching matches played by Bjorn Borg, John Mcenroe, Chris Evert, Martina Navaratilova and few others. The one Grand Slam I always remember is Wimbledon. I don't remember anything about French and US Open until we had the next generation. When Pete Sampras made his entry into Tennis I became a big fan of him. I thought he was the complete player and on his best day he cant be beaten. When Sampras was about to retire we saw another great player coming to limelight, he was none other than Roger Federer.

As on date Roger Federer has won 6 Australian Open titles, 1 French Open title, 8 Wimbledon titles and 5 US Open titles. He is the only player after Connors to win more than 100 Career Singles. He was World Number One for a record 237 consecutive weeks and is currently World Number 4. These numbers only justify that for Federer Winning is like Sleeping for many of us. There is no day without sleep for us and there is no day without winning for Federer.

During 2013 Federer developed back injury. He did not win any Grand Slam title this year. Many of us thought it is end of the road for him. He was the Wimbledon Runner up in 2014 and in 2015 he was Runner up in Wimbledon and US Open. In 2016 he had the knee surgery and also back injury. This is one more year where he did not win a Single Grand Slam Title.

The year 2017 started with Roger Federer winning the Australian Open and followed by Win at Wimbledon. He started playing the way he usually plays. Federer last won a Grand Slam Title in 2018 Australian Open. He continues to play great Tennis and there is a good chance he might Win the 2019 Wimbledon Title. For Roger Federer Age is not even a Number and he must be the most fittest player now. His Fitness made the Media stop debating about his retirement.

What I like the most about Roger Federer is he always appreciates the opponent player and I have never watched Roger Federer argue with an umpire. He must be the Best Communicator and it is always a delight to watch his Post Match interview. Roger Federer is the Most Respected Player by ATP and WTA. Roger Federer is the Most Respected player by opponents. Roger Federer is also associated with various philanthropy and charity programs. Federer also has a great sense of humor. When we think of Federer what comes to our mind immediately is his Smile. I have followed closely Schumacher in F1, Rossi in MotoGP, Sampras and now Djokovic in Tennis. What is so Special about Roger Federer is his Qualities apart from the Wins and Numbers. Roger Federer is the Perfect Gentleman I have seen in any Sport and he is the Greatest Tennis player of all times. Roger Federer is a Champion on Court and a Perfect Gentleman on and off the court.


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