Learning from my Niece

I always wanted to bring my Niece home and stay with her a few days. I know she can't stay away from her Parents and she can do that only when her Grandmother is around. She is now growing fast and finally she is here with us during her vacation. Its going to be 2 days of fun for both of us. She is only 6 years and 6 months and she is already a teacher to me. I just couldn't believe how at 6.5 years she knows so many things. Let me share few of my experiences and also learning from My Little Princess.

1. Around 4 months back we both were at Chennai and I took her to Marina Beach. She wanted to go few meters inside the sea and I took her since the waves were low and steady. We and few others didn't realize a high tide that was approaching us and we were only standing and watching when the high tide went behind us. Luckily it was not very high but it was bad enough to make my little one's dress wet and bring tears in her eyes. I cannot see her cry and I was very upset. We immediately came to shore and decided to drive back home. When I got into the car and asked her to get in, she refused. She told my dress is full of sand and I don't want to make your car dirty. I have to convince her to come inside the car. Then, she asked me the toughest question of my life which I don't want to even think or mention, she taught me Nothing is permanent in Life.

2. A month after this incident we were again at Chennai and I took her to Forum Mall. When we were coming back home she told me, don't waste money, you spend a lot. It took me around 4 decades to understand the value of money and here I hear from my Niece. Don't Waste.

3. We were at Chennai 2 weeks back and we were at Forum again. We went to Kids play zone and I took my wallet from my back pocket. She told me it is always better to keep your wallet in the front pocket and also suggested me to watch her Dad on this. He keeps his wallet in the front pocket and then told me the reason, by keeping it in the front pocket someone cant steal. Be Careful.

4. Today, we are at Bangalore and I was driving from her place to mine. She knows I drive fast and the moment I hit the Ring Road she told me proactively, Don't Drive Fast. By driving fast you can crash and also you will waste petrol. Am keying the same words she used. I cannot believe at 6.5 years she knows about driving fast, crashing and saving petrol. When we were near HSR Layout someone on the next lane jumped in front of my car, typically what happens in Bangalore roads without indicator, I showed my hand to him. She advised me don't show your hand. When I said he made a mistake and am pointing it out, she told something that brought me to this Blog. Everyone makes mistakes, including you and people Learn from Mistakes. Be Slow and Be Nice.

My Niece and all kids of today's Generation in India are very Smart and Intelligent.  Apart from her Parents, Grandparents, School and Friends I think Internet plays a big role for the kids to be very smart at a very young age and also these kids know things that some of us wouldn't have understood until we were 15 or 20. Thank you Google for making the Kids very smart at such a young age, I only wish they bring in more controls so that they only watch kids stuff,


  1. Good thought Sir, and your writing inspired to start write others.

  2. Thank you Sriharsha, share your Blog.


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