Change the Curriculum

I completed school more than 30 years back and I never understood the importance or relevance of some of the subjects that we studied:

1. What is the purpose of including Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry as part of curriculum to a Commerce Student. What is the relevance of these chapters even for a Science Student who is planing to be a Doctor or a Software Engineer. Have they applied these subjects anywhere in their Career?

2. What is the purpose of including Physics as a subject to an aspiring Accountant. Similarly an aspiring Doctor need not have Physics as a subject.

3. Finally, the purpose of attempting to study Chemical Reactions and Bonding covered in Chemistry for someone who is never interested in Science.

I still don't understand why students choosing Commerce Group or even Biology Group study these subjects or Chapters. 

I always felt we should study what is important to our life and the subjects that we have interest in. I ended up doing CA after my College and the issue of Maths kept chasing me. I can never understand a Theorm in Geometry and Trigonometry, I managed to study Differentiation in Calculus but I have never attempted to study Integration since I had the fear I might forget Differentiation.

Am of the opinion that today's students continue to study these subjects which have no relevance. Am also of the opinion that it is time the Education System includes Subjects which covers Good Behavior and Subjects which are of importance in today's World. 

Am hoping one day our Students will study only what is important to their life, what will teach them values and ethics and finally they study the subjects that interests them. 

Some of the changes that must be done that comes to my mind are:

1. Physics, Chemistry and Biology need not be studied by Commerce, Arts or Economics Students.
2. Calculus, Geometry and Trigonometry to be removed from the curriculum of Accounting Students.
3. We need to have a subject which teaches Good Behavior.
4. A Subject on Social Media is a must. In today's world even a 5 year kid is so addicted to YouTube or Mobile Phone. Kids must be taught to use these Gadgets and Internet rightly.
5. Where is Global Warming leading to and also preparing the current generation to deal with this issue.
6. Problems of Water Scarcity and preparing them to live in the days of No Water.
7. I don't think we ever had a separate subject for English Grammar. Having English Grammar as separate subject is a must.
8. Economics and Importance of Investment must be a subject even for Science Students.
9. Diabetes and Hypertension must be a subject for all.
10. Finally Google and Google Apps must be added as a Subject, Google is now part of our lives and is the most important tool we use. Kids must be taught to use Google the right way. Hope Sundar Pichai reads this Blog and works on my idea. :)

I spend lot of time with my Niece, she is my World. She is very smart and very knowledgeable. She is not even 7 but she is already my teacher. I also see lot of kids in the community I live here in Bangalore. All these kids are very smart and all these kids are well updated with technology. They are fast learners and it is very important they learn what is important to them. Global Warming, Water Problem, Issues of Technology, Internet and Gadgets is going to be the biggest problem for the coming generations and our Education System must change the Curriculum so that we prepare our kids to mitigate these challenges and they all have a Healthy Future with Good Health.


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