Am in Love with YouTube Music

I always love Music and Music is always my permanent companion. There are numbers like Money for Nothing, Another Brick in the Wall that I must listen at least once a week. My Mother Tongue is Tamil and I grew up listening to Ilayaraja numbers and I still keep listening to some of these numbers when I drive to work or when I travel from Bangalore to Chennai. I follow multiple Sports, I watch movies on Netflix, these days started watching more of Travelxp, above all these listening to my favorite numbers always come first.

I grew up listening to Music in Tape Recorders. It used to be fun buying a Movie Songs Cassette or going to a Music Recording shop with a TDK 90 or TDK 60 to record our favorite tracks. I still remember going to Cisons Complex at Chennai to give my TDK 90 to record Michael Jackson's Bad Album on the day of release. When we entered college we had the luxury of listening in Walkman. Saving Battery is very important in these Walkman and hence, Reynolds pen was used more for rewinding the Cassette more than taking notes in College.

After we started going to work Pen Drives started playing an important role in our life. It was very convenient to download our favorite track, listen and also share with our friends. Am a big Apple fan and I was one of the first guys to buy an Ipod and store my favorite tracks. I have my favorite tracks from English, Tamil. Hindi, Carnatic, Devotional and I now have more than 50GB of Music. IPod is gone but the same Music continues in my Iphone.

Sometime back we started having Apps that gave us the option of listening or downloading Music. What I didn't like in any of the Music App is none of them had the complete collection of an Artist or Album. Some of the Apps also didn't have the Original Track. Hence, I have tried using some of these Apps, but after few days I go back to my Music Library in Iphone. YouTube had the Best Collection but they never had the Music alone YouTube App. I have even thought about why not YouTube Music.

Google has now come out with YouTube Music App and am already in Love with it. Google understood our minds well. YouTube Music has the complete collection of Music of any Artist. What I like the most about this App is we can disable the Video and simply use it as a Music Player. YouTube Music App lets us download our favorite track for offline listening. Am currently on a Free Plan and I will be switching to Premium Plan where we pay some nominal charges. The Big Advantage for paid membership is AD Free Music. I might even go to the extent of deleting my ITunes Library since YouTube Music App has all the numbers we want. 

Google - We Start our Day with Google and end the Day with Google, Thank you Google. I definitely have to write about an another Google App I Love - Google Maps, Very Soon.


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