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Learning from my Niece

I always wanted to bring my Niece home and stay with her a few days. I know she can't stay away from her Parents and she can do that only when her Grandmother is around. She is now growing fast and finally she is here with us during her vacation. Its going to be 2 days of fun for both of us. She is only 6 years and 6 months and she is already a teacher to me. I just couldn't believe how at 6.5 years she knows so many things. Let me share few of my experiences and also learning from My Little Princess.

1. Around 4 months back we both were at Chennai and I took her to Marina Beach. She wanted to go few meters inside the sea and I took her since the waves were low and steady. We and few others didn't realize a high tide that was approaching us and we were only standing and watching when the high tide went behind us. Luckily it was not very high but it was bad enough to make my little one's dress wet and bring tears in her eyes. I cannot see her cry and I was very upset. …

Roger Federer, The Pefect Gentleman

I started watching Tennis around 4 decades back. I remember watching matches played by Bjorn Borg, John Mcenroe, Chris Evert, Martina Navaratilova and few others. The one Grand Slam I always remember is Wimbledon. I don't remember anything about French and US Open until we had the next generation. When Pete Sampras made his entry into Tennis I became a big fan of him. I thought he was the complete player and on his best day he cant be beaten. When Sampras was about to retire we saw another great player coming to limelight, he was none other than Roger Federer.

As on date Roger Federer has won 6 Australian Open titles, 1 French Open title, 8 Wimbledon titles and 5 US Open titles. He is the only player after Connors to win more than 100 Career Singles. He was World Number One for a record 237 consecutive weeks and is currently World Number 4. These numbers only justify that for Federer Winning is like Sleeping for many of us. There is no day without sleep for us and there is no day…

Change the Curriculum

I completed school more than 30 years back and I never understood the importance or relevance of some of the subjects that we studied:
1. What is the purpose of including Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry as part of curriculum to a Commerce Student. What is the relevance of these chapters even for a Science Student who is planing to be a Doctor or a Software Engineer. Have they applied these subjects anywhere in their Career?
2. What is the purpose of including Physics as a subject to an aspiring Accountant. Similarly an aspiring Doctor need not have Physics as a subject.
3. Finally, the purpose of attempting to study Chemical Reactions and Bonding covered in Chemistry for someone who is never interested in Science.
I still don't understand why students choosing Commerce Group or even Biology Group study these subjects or Chapters. 

I always felt we should study what is important to our life and the subjects that we have interest in. I ended up doing CA after my College and the is…

Am in Love with YouTube Music

I always love Music and Music is always my permanent companion. There are numbers like Money for Nothing, Another Brick in the Wall that I must listen at least once a week. My Mother Tongue is Tamil and I grew up listening to Ilayaraja numbers and I still keep listening to some of these numbers when I drive to work or when I travel from Bangalore to Chennai. I follow multiple Sports, I watch movies on Netflix, these days started watching more of Travelxp, above all these listening to my favorite numbers always come first.

I grew up listening to Music in Tape Recorders. It used to be fun buying a Movie Songs Cassette or going to a Music Recording shop with a TDK 90 or TDK 60 to record our favorite tracks. I still remember going to Cisons Complex at Chennai to give my TDK 90 to record Michael Jackson's Bad Album on the day of release. When we entered college we had the luxury of listening in Walkman. Saving Battery is very important in these Walkman and hence, Reynolds pen was used…

Who Watches IPL

I started following Cricket listening to Radio Commentary. I remember we had a Transistor that picked Short Wave. I still remember listening to commentary of 1979 India vs England played at Oval when Gavaskar scored 221 in the 4th innings. We started having Television around 1982 during the Asian Games hosted in India. We did not have a Color Television at home in 1983 and I remember watching the final in one of my friends place at Ashok Nagar, Chennai. We had only one Channel those days, maybe the additional Metro channel for shorter duration in a day. We were all watching the match and there was a News Break when my favorite Cricketer Sir Vivian Richards was doing what he does normally, having a free hit with his bat. The News was over and we immediately watched Kapildev taking the catch of Richards and this was followed by India winning the World Cup. This is the Best Moment for India in Cricket according to me. Then, we all had Color Television and it was 1985 Benson and Hedges. …