Wake up Schumacher

It is now around 25 years since I started watching Formula One. Thanks to the introduction of cable Television in early 90s in India we started watching sports other than Cricket, Grand Slam final in Tennis and World Cup Soccer. I started watching Formula One and MOTOGP around 1994 and became a big fan of Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi.

It was May 1994 and I have to appear for my CA exams on May 2nd 1994. On May 1st it was the Formula One race at San Marino, Italy and my priority was watching the race and not the books. During this time I know more of Ayrton Senna than Michael Schumacher. The race started and Schumacher had a great start and he was literally flying in his Benetton. Senna had to win the race and it was lap 7 when Senna crashed and was declared dead. This season saw Schumacher win his first title. I started following Schumacher crazily and became a big fan of him and I continue to be one even today.

Schumacher won the 1995 season and the next 4 years he did not win the championship but he won millions of fan for the way he used to race especially when its a wet race. Schumacher moved to Ferrari in 1996 and it took a while for Ross Brawn, Jean Todt and Schumacher to make Ferrari the consistent winning car. Even though Schumacher was not winning championship he still was winning most of the races and he used to overtake with absolute no fear of life. Then came the 2000 season and it used to be only Schumacher on the top. From 2000 to 2004 it was Schumacher winning the Driver's Championship and Ferrari winning the Constructor's Champion. Schumacher was winning so much that the FIA had to keep changing the rules and regulations of Formula one to see a different champion. It was impossible and Schumacher was the only winner in his Ferrari.

Schumacher retired from racing after 2006 season when he was at the top. He won seven championship which included 91 race wins and 68 pole position. There was talk that Schumacher will return to Formula One in 2010 and Schumacher started the 2010 season in Mercedes. Even though it was good to see Schumacher's return people like me who worship Schumacher did not like. I definitely didnt like his return until India hosted a Formula One Race.in 2011. This gave me an opportunity to watch and experience a live race and most importantly I saw Schumacher and also celebrated watching him drive. I became emotional when I first saw him on the circuit. There were days when I used to party after his every race win. Schumacher finally retired when the 2012 season ended.

It was December 2013 and I was watching TV and talking to my Mom. I noticed Schumacher, accident in the News Scroller. The guy who used to win races speeding at more than 330 Kms had this freak accident when he was holidaying resulting in traumatic injury. He was placed in a medically induced coma for a long time and it is now more than 5 years since the accident and he is still recovering.

I still keep watching this Sport but was not keen on who wins the Championship until the start of 2019 season. We are now reading lot about Michael Schumacher's son Mick Schumacher. Mick had a great 2018 in F3 and this year he will be part of F2. Am very confident he will make it to F1 next season and hopefully will join the Ferrari team.. For some reason I want to start following Formula One like the Schumacher days, maybe in anticipation of Mick Schumacher. Before Mick is in Formula One I want to see Michael Schumacher return to good health. Michael deserves to know what he has done to this sport and he must watch his son Mick racing in Formula one. Wake up Schumacher for your Family, Friends and all your Fans. We are eagerly waiting to see you return to good health and normal life. Together we will welcome your Son Mick to F1.


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