Am from Chennai and one of the best thing in Chennai is Marina. Am used to going to Marina early in the morning to walk. It was always a pleasure to keep looking at the Sun and Sea and keep walking. I moved to Bangalore few years back and I miss Marina the most. Luckily in Bangalore I live in a nice gated community and we have the advantage of walking in Greenery. There are lot of residents who walk in the morning and it is always nice to say Hello and make friends. Thanks to few runners in my apartment I also started running. 

Around 3 years back I started doing lot of Business Travel to Europe. I was so lucky that I have been to almost all important cities in Europe. One of my best trip was travel to Milan for 2 months. I always started my day very early and the Hotel Manager where I was staying suggested me to go to a park nearby for either walking or running. I went there and I naturally fell in Love with Running. I could see almost everyone in this Park run and I slowly started running more. I was finding it very easy to run longer distance. I was finding it extremely easy to keep running, keep running without looking at the watch or counting the laps. When I returned to Bangalore I started running in my apartment like one of the serious runners here. Luckily in Bangalore we have the opportunity to participate in lot of Marathons or 10K run and I started running in 10K which was full of fun.

Two months back I was in Chennai to spend time with my Parents. On Dec 27, 2018 I got up late and didn't go to Marina. I went to the Park near by and realized it was very small and I started running on the road. I didn't notice a small rope on the road while I was running.This rope tripped me resulting in a nasty elbow fracture and dislocation. I have had fractures before but nothing as painful as this one. I went to my Doctor who has treated me before. He did an excellent surgery and I was at home for 2 weeks in Chennai where my mom made me feel like a 2 year kid. I read in the Internet that it will take around 6 months to fully recover from elbow surgery and the hand may never be completely straight. Thanks to my Doctor for an excellent Surgery, my Family for the support, my Manager for the flexibility at work and finally to myself for at least 2 hours physio everyday, now my hand is straight and I have completely recovered from the nasty fracture.

During these 2 months I continued my daily walk. Even on the day after the surgery I went for walk inside the Hospital. When I go for walk and when I see people running in my apartment I started getting the fear they might fall down. I started running very slowly 15 days back just to get rid of this fear. Yesterday when I started running I felt I must run 7k and I was able to run the distance coolly. Today I again did 7k and I feel so fresh and cool that the first thing I do after running is write this blog. 

Running makes our mind stronger.
Running is fun.
Running gives us confidence.
Running brings discipline.
Running helps get rid of some habits.
Most Importantly Running helps us to STAY HEALTHY - Physically and Mentally.

When I was at Hospital I thought I will never run. I now love running so much that I must run everyday. Am going to be back in all the 10k Run in Bangalore. Am not going to run fast, I will run gently and run watching down and BE SAFE. Run, To Stay Healthy and Fit.


  1. Nice write up! Your story has an important message - in life’s challenges we may trip, we may fall yet we rise and proceed albeit cautiously. Kudos to your spirit to pursue your passion! Thanks and keep writing! 👍


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