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Love Watching Travelxp

When we go back about Television it will be watching Cricket or the Wimbledon Final or the back to back election coverage and the 30 Minutes English News in 80s. I also remember the popular Quiz Time, Star Trek, Malgudi Days, Different Strokes, Around the World in 80 days and The Goodies. Then came the cable TV and we had STAR TV coming into our homes with their 4 or 5 channels. As mentioned in my earlier blog we started following various sports like F1 and MotoGP and people like me moved away from Cricket totally, thanks to IPL.

During the late 90s, we had the regional channels coming to our homes. Around this time we had 2 or 3 News Channel and after returning from work it was nice to get an update of what is happening around the World and also we got to watch some very interesting debates. I used to follow some of the weekend shows like We the People, Big Fight etc.., regularly and it was both informative and fun to watch them.

Last 2 years we have dozens of News Channel and politel…


Am from Chennai and one of the best thing in Chennai is Marina. Am used to going to Marina early in the morning to walk. It was always a pleasure to keep looking at the Sun and Sea and keep walking. I moved to Bangalore few years back and I miss Marina the most. Luckily in Bangalore I live in a nice gated community and we have the advantage of walking in Greenery. There are lot of residents who walk in the morning and it is always nice to say Hello and make friends. Thanks to few runners in my apartment I also started running. 

Around 3 years back I started doing lot of Business Travel to Europe. I was so lucky that I have been to almost all important cities in Europe. One of my best trip was travel to Milan for 2 months. I always started my day very early and the Hotel Manager where I was staying suggested me to go to a park nearby for either walking or running. I went there and I naturally fell in Love with Running. I could see almost everyone in this Park run and I slowly started …

Facebook is now SAFEBOOK

More than 10 years back I signed up for Facebook Account to get connected to lot of my Friends especially my school classmates. I was successful in connecting with lot of my classmates and I started my class alumni group in Facebook. We used to share our past and also it was good fun shamelessly talking about them. We also had lot of get together and lot of photos were shared in the group, thanks to smartphones. Then, slowly more of non classmates were also friends in Facebook. I used to start and end my day with Facebook. I used to check in places whenever I used to hang out with my friends and also started sharing photos with everyone. I used to feel so good when my friends clicked Like or Posted a Comment.
Around this time Whatsapp was getting popular and it came to a point where Facebook was used to connect with someone and we started using Whatsapp to stay connected. More than a year back when the Facebook issue happened I thought am connected with most of my friends already and h…

Wake up Schumacher

It is now around 25 years since I started watching Formula One. Thanks to the introduction of cable Television in early 90s in India we started watching sports other than Cricket, Grand Slam final in Tennis and World Cup Soccer. I started watching Formula One and MOTOGP around 1994 and became a big fan of Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi.

It was May 1994 and I have to appear for my CA exams on May 2nd 1994. On May 1st it was the Formula One race at San Marino, Italy and my priority was watching the race and not the books. During this time I know more of Ayrton Senna than Michael Schumacher. The race started and Schumacher had a great start and he was literally flying in his Benetton. Senna had to win the race and it was lap 7 when Senna crashed and was declared dead. This season saw Schumacher win his first title. I started following Schumacher crazily and became a big fan of him and I continue to be one even today.

Schumacher won the 1995 season and the next 4 years he did not w…