Running is Easy, Enjoy Running

After recovering from the elbow fracture and dislocation, I was back to running to get rid of the fear when I see people running. When I used to walk or sit in my apartment balcony and relax, when I see people running not looking down, I had the fear they might fall. This is after the freak accident that broke my elbow followed by a major surgery. If you have missed my earlier Blog about this here is the link - Run to Stay Healthy
I started running seven kilometers during the weekend around a month back. I felt so good when I did this after the long break and I was so determined to run the usual ten kilometers. Last few weeks I run more than ten kilometers and I feel so good physically and mentally. I plan to go to Agara Lake tomorrow and day after to run more than ten kilometers. Agara Lake is a beautiful place for running or biking at Bangalore. Thankfully I stay very close to this Lake. Am not a great runner but I can run more than ten kilometers at decent pace. I thought I will wri…

My Travel to Europe Part 2

My next visit to Europe was around 4 years back. My Customer had their offices in most of Europe and I was lucky enough to travel to these places work, meet some very nice people and visit some most Beautiful places on Earth. I traveled to Milan via Stockholm during the weekend. I was able to visit few places in Stockholm before boarding the flight to Milan. Am a big Ferrari fan I was so excited to be in Milan. When we were at Milan we also visited Switzerland and Venice.
Stay - At Milan the stay was in a one BHK service apartment. Right outside the service apartment is the Metro station. This means commuting to office was very easy and commuting to Grocery shop or anywhere at Milan is just few steps from our room. The front office helped me give directions to a nearby park for my morning running. The park is large, completely green and there was a running track. I can see almost everyone run in Milan. I used to run even before my Milan days. What helped me in Milan is to run better, k…

My Travel to Coorg

I traveled to Coorg around 5 years back, a very memorable trip. This was a personal one and with my best friend and also my best enemy. We reached Mysore by train, had a nice Masala Dosai in one of the restaurants at Mysore and took a cab to Coorg. I dont think I have traveled by train after this trip, driving or flight is more comfortable. Driving in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu is a pleasure when we have 3 days weekend and I love driving.
Stay - Stay was at Heritage Resort in Coorg. They have a nice green facility and what I liked in Heritage is their service. What I liked even better is covered in the next section. They arranged sight seeing as a part of package. The package also included visit to coffee estate and authentic Coorg lunch in the estate one of the days. We didn't pay much at Heritage for the four days stay, but in some of the other trips we have paid a huge premium. Once, I cover all places that I traveled I will write about the cost of travel in India and overs…

My Travel to Canada

I traveled to Canada around 4 years back on a business visit. I had the weekends to go around Canada. My base was Montreal and Monday to Friday was only work. When I think about Canada it reminds me of the uncomfortable weather. I remember getting down from the cab and doing a quick run everyday to get inside office, thanks to the uncomfortable wind that makes the weather even more uncomfortable.
Stay - Our Base was Montreal and we were staying at Crown Plaza. This is a Business class Hotel, Holiday Inn was next door and we were given special permission to use the facilities of Holiday Inn. This made our stay very comfortable.

Food - Even before we took our flight to Montreal we went through the list of Indian restaurants here. On the very first day we went to Thanjai Restaurant, we liked the Menu and the people here so much that during the weekdays they will deliver dinner at hotel and during the weekends we went to Thanjai Restaurant for lunch. We also tried few other Restaurants, Tha…

My Travel to Europe Part 1

My first visit to Europe happened around 7 years back. I traveled for work to a place near Leeds. I was lucky to go around Manchester and London few times. I was luckier to travel to these places multiple times. 
Stay - We were a group of us who traveled to a place near Leeds. We were staying at Hilton. The Hilton at this place is not a great one compared to other Hilton's but definitely a great choice in the place where we were staying. 

Food - Am a vegetarian and in my first visit to Leeds I found it extremely difficult to find a nice vegetarian restaurant. When I traveled to London during weekend I went to some few good restaurants, Woodlands at Piccadilly was  the Best. During my second visit we used to order food from outside and it was a feast everyday at the Hotel. What I learnt from my first few visits to Europe is to stay in a Hotel or Service Apartment which has a kitchen.

Places I Visited - Some of the memorable places I visited in London and Manchester are:
1. Manchester U…